A view over the garden: what the Biotechnology students see

In Turin, in the typical ancient district of San Salvario, along the railroad border, there is a modern building made of exposed concrete and glass, designed by Luciano Pia for the Biotechnology Department.

The structure, developed over three floors, is built around four courtyards, and is characterized by the contrast between the grey concrete, which is a distinctive element of the architecture of Luciano Pia, and the red flooring, made of resin and porphyry blocks from the Trentino area, also enhanced by the use of materials such as glass or metal.

The feature that makes this building unique is its winter garden: a rich vegetation surrounds the central staircase and the laboratory classrooms, making the biotechnology faculty a non-place, a space extrapolated from the city yet fully immersed in its atmosphere.

Walking through Via Nizza, your gaze is captured by the almost monastic presence of a rational and rigorous architecture, where the green, visible from the outside, seems to allow an intimate access to an unexpected interior space.