Print Club – Share to create

What turns an idea into reality? Space, support, tools and sharing.

There is a place in Turin where ideas become matter, where thoughts take shape. It is called Print Club and it is, above all, a print lab.

Print Club is the place where designers, illustrators, students and enthusiasts have the opportunity to use advanced machines that are born from the mix of innovative and traditional techniques, in order to allow productive experimentation that integrate digital and craft skills.

In keeping with a philosophy geared to sharing and participation, the Print Club also includes a program of courses and workshops in the field of graphic arts and digital craftsmanship, offering training courses both theoretical and practical.

The variety of machines, the combination of different digital and traditional techniques, the opportunity to get in contact with different professionals, make Print Club an exclusive space in Italy.

An opportunity to learn, disseminate ideas, explore new skills and competences.