Piazza San Carlo: the living room

In 1638 it was inaugurated. Queen Maria Cristina of France will cut the ribbon, in the absence of her husband, who died for intoxication the year before during a battle. In 1618 it was officially dedicated to San Carlo Borromeo as one of the twin churches that mark the short side of the square.

On November 4, 1838, the monument dedicated to Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, placed at the center of the square, was unveiled to definitely mark the imaginary of the place. Symbol of peace, the statue represents the Knight as he attempts to hold his horse and pull the sword in. Famous architects as Carlo di Castellamonte and Benedetto Alfieri contributed to its beauty. Here the first coffee of Turin was born: Caffè San Carlo. Writers, poets and intellectuals stopped to shelter around tables.

Every tourist as well as any citizen of Turin who daily cross the square faints a bit in front of the beauty that spread wide. Piazza San Carlo is one of the stages of the tour created by Operae in collaboration with the Urban Center Metropolitan di Torino for the week of Contemporary Art