Piazza Emanuele Filiberto: a Parisian corner in the heart of Turin

In the grid of narrow orthogonal streets that characterise the Quadrilatero Romano district, there is a small and elegant square. Not far from the colourful and vibrant Porta Palazzo – the largest open air market in Europe – piazza Emanuele Filiberto offers picturesque glimpses and warm atmospheres.

19th-century buildings with numerous dormer windows frame an unusually lengthened area, at the centre of which the luxuriant vegetation turns its colours at the rhythm of the seasons. Located on the square, a variety of cafes offers various menus and the same pleasure of sitting on a terrace: savouring a coffee, or a pastis, while reading a book in the sunlight; or having a drink at dusk to celebrate the aperitivo ritual – born in 1786 in the city, in the workshop of Antonio Benedetto Carpano under the arches of piazza Castello.

In May, the square and entire district’s vibe is enhanced by the programme of two festivals dedicated to contemporary performative languages. The theatrical invasion of the Torino Fringe Festival (11th– 21st May 2017) intersects the first edition of the Square Festival (17th-27th May 2017), event focused on four sides of the city’s creativity – literature, theatre, contemporary art and dance – converting squares, streets, and locations in a big stage free to the public.