Now that’s Parco Dora

The 456,000 square meters where today lies the Parco Dora has been hosting for years machines and men who worked every day to offer the world, out there from those sheds, components for the automotive industry. Now, the division between the world inside the factory and that out of the factory no longer exists. First was the factory to no longer exist, emptied of workers and machinery, then the walls were down.
Today some pillars and the roof remain in the memory of that history. All around the city flows, comes in and out through a park, walking along paths made of brown bricks, racing bike. The idea comes from a reconstruction plan entrusted to the architect Jean Pierre Buffi who was identified after a public competition at the beginning of the new century.
In 2012, the park received the award for The International Architecture Award 2012. For the last three years, it has been the heart of the rebirth of a neighborhood, location for festivals and place where different generations converge together.