MASBEDO – Handle with care

The work of great artists is to accompany the look beyond. In the artist lies the ability of lighting up the particulars, the smaller gestures, those often given for granted.

The duo Masbedo, composed by Iacopo Bedogni and Nicolò Massazz, with Paola Nicolin’s curatorship, realized a project that seems to move precisely form this reflection.

Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Folence and Centro Restauro di Venaria Reale contributed to the realization of Handle with care: a multichannel video that reveals what happens within the restoration studios – on display until January 15 at the Citroniera di Filippo Juvarra, at the Reggia di Venaria Reale.

The studios, seen through Masbedo’s eyes, turn into the ideal set to focus on the mechanisms that anticipate the artwork. Therefore, the matter, its transmission in time and the care of the restorer become, for the first time, active subjects within a process that is an artistic content itself.

Handle with care is a selection of works displayed along with several details: photos, sculptures, installations, videos and objects of different sizes. Thus, the audience has the chance to participate in an exhibition in two acts, where the architecture of the venue is emphasized by the content of works that are, in turn, emphasized by the space in which they are created.

The interest in the contemporary, the initiative towards new forms of artistic expression, the contact and the dialogue with the different actors involved in the research and in the cultural processing, are the elements that mainly increased the Centro Conservazione e Restauro’s will of taking part in the project.

Handle with care can be interpreted as an incubator of questions, those that Masbedo pose to the visitor: how the matter transforms through the artist’s eyes? Is there a limit between manual and intellectual activity?
No answer can be found looking at a great work of art. A great work of art simply teaches us that we must keep on searching.