From design lover to design editor

It is a fate shared by more and more experts. To turn passion for design into a real design brand. In these days L’arcobaleno, the curated marketplace and online style-magazine, founded by Ambra Medda, for five years Director of Design Miami, dedicates a long interview to Jérome Aumont, former journalist and editor-in-chief of Maison Française who decided, at the peak of his career, to become design editor of Collection Particulière.

Editor stands for a person who, working closely with a designer, creates design pieces that embody his own vision, or buy pieces that align with his own aesthetics and distributes it. A hybrid figure that lies between the gallery, the producer and the shop. In 2010 in France – says Aumont – there were just five editors of design, today there are 15.

They differ in the ability to bring projects, before than objects, to the fore, following a sensitivity placed between design and art, between Ikea and Christie’s. Aumont says that for him every object is like a child born of a unique relationship with someone, curated at all stages from ideation to production to finally see the birth.

However, it is also a business model that emerges and adds new figures in the panorama of contemporary design.