Handmade luxury and artisanal excellence celebrated by Hermès

Hands move with art and skill, gestures enchant with confidence and mastery. Under the impressed gaze of the public, 11 artisans shape silk, leather, diamonds, glass, ceramic, into Hermès style icons. They accurately illustrate the various stages of the production process and, with translator on hand, they kindly satisfy all visitors’ curiosities.

Developed in 10 micro-ateliers, each one dedicated to a unique savoir-faire, the exhibition celebrates the poetic and tradition of high-quality crafts that are the essence of the Parisian house founded in 1837 by Monsieur Thierry Hermès. With this interactive presentation Hermès reveals the secrets of the metiérs behind its renowned carrés, precious saddles, legendary Kelly and Birkin.

After New York, Paris, Tokyo and more than other 30 international stop-overs since 2011, Hermès Festival des Métiers arrives in Milan from the 11th to 17th May 2017. The itinerary Dietro Le Quinte (Behind The Scenes) is set up in the 1.100 m2 space of La Pelota – location already chosen by Hermès to present its Home collection during Milan Design Week.

Past the small workshops, the exhibition is completed by the documentary Les Mains d’Hermès by Frédéric Laffont and Isabelle Dupuy-Chavanat and a VR video about the passion and excellence of the Crystal Saint-Louis – manufacturer of glassmaking founded in 1586 and part of Hermès since 1995 – allowing the public to admire the fine craft techniques and to understand the value of handmade luxury.