From Thebes to Turin. The Museo Egizio

The archaeologist and Egyptologist Jean Francois Champollion once said that the road from Menfi and Thebes passed from Turin. In the Nineteenth century King Carlo Felice was so passionate about historical artifacts of the Valley of the Kings to buy a huge amount of egyptian antiques that over time has been made available at the the Museo Egizio.

The building cherishes inestimable riches and is one of the most attractive places of the city. It is called Palazzo dell’Accademia delle Scienze and was built in the Seventeenth century by the architect Guarino Guarini, one of the leading interpreters of Baroque and man of many skills and resources, a lover of philosophy and mathematics.

The initial plant included a horseshoe shape with a central building made of two wings. It was built only one, facing Piazza Carignano. Since 2004 it is the official seat of the Museo Egizio that right at the beginning of 2015 reopened to the public after a period of restoration, to be returned in all its beauty.

The Museo Egizio is the first stop on the path created by Operae in collaboration with the Metropolitan Urban Center for the week of Contemporary Art.