Fatto in Italia, dal Medioevo al Made in Italy

“Fato in… nella butega de…”: this is the writing engraved on the back of the made in Italy tiles in 1200, when the art and craft quality of the productions of our country was already considered of great value.

From the Middle Ages those words have transformed, becoming today the expression that we all know: Made in Italy.

From March 19th to July 10th, the Reggia di Venaria Reale depicts a journey through the Italian artisanal works of art and the evolution of the excellent crafts of our country. Thanks to the exhibition Fatto in Italia, dal Medioevo al Made in Italy, inside the wonderful rooms of the Reggia you can admire collections of furniture, weapons and armor, jewelry, tools and clothing, created by skilled hands able to shape with very high quality and refinement of details ceramic, iron, coral, textiles, precious metals.

In an alternation of rooms that focus once a specific geographic area, now on a homogeneous material landscape, now on a certain time period, it is the objects that compose a new and amazing story of the history of Italy, by accompanying the visitors to the present day.

And it is with eyes full of care and beauty, which the Italian craft – even before Italy was a nation – has been able to produce over the centuries, that the public is conducted to immerse themselves in today: a panorama of artifacts stories created by contemporary Italian designers, who refer to the great history of artisanal knowledge while enhancing it and updating it through their work.