CAMERA– New Eyes To Look At Photography

How many photos do we take every day? How long does the look that we lay on a photograph last?

We live in the age of images and thanks to the facility that we have in using it, the speed with which we consume it, the familiarity with which we approach it, the meaning that we attribute to photography today is profoundly changed.

Turin, on 1st October 2015 invented a new approach to look at photography. In the space of the Isolato di Santa Pelagia, the building where the first public school of the Kingdom of Italy opened, CAMERA – Italian Centre For Photography was born.

CAMERA is not just a location where to exhibit or organize events, but also a place for studying and doing experimentation, with the aim to educate on photography, through a sophisticated program of workshops. CAMERA wants to focus on storytelling through images and does that not only talking about techniques but also about passion.  The same passion put in the effort to promote dialogue between individuals and institutions, aimed at creating new projects, as well as the enhancement of the Italian photographic heritage and gathering of international professionals. Thanks to CAMERA photography enhances its history: among the long-term objectives of the centre there is, in fact, to build a digital platform that allows access to the visual content of the Italian photographic archives.