Architecture is back in town

Every day we inhabit the city. We cross its streets and squares, we catch a glimpse of its buildings during a tram ride, we breath its atmospheres from balconies and windows. The urban landscape is the constantly evolving background of our days at which we often look absently, the space we live in but that we stop exploring, precisely because it is always in front of our eyes.

Architettura in Città (Architecture in the City) is a chance to light up the eyes again. Promoted by the Architecture Foundation and Architects’ Association of Turin, the festival invites professionals and curious citizens to reflect on the subject “The city like home” and on the complex relations system between dwelling and urban spaces. How does the relationship between home and city work? Interior and exterior? Private and public? Individual and society? How many ways do we inhabit the city today? And what role does the architect play in all this? Food for thought offered by the events that engage Turin and its surroundings from the 24th to the 27th May 2017, this year curated by the scientific board with the contribution of Nina Bossoli and Davide Tommaso Ferrando.

There will be conversations to explore the different ways of living the domestic and urban space, lectures to understand the value of architecture, planning and design; walking or cycling tours to re-discover Turin’s districts undergoing a process of transformation led by the authors of the conversion processes; Open Studio to meet the architects and designers of Turin. Venue of this edition of the festival is Spazio Q35, former industrial site in via Quittengo 35, where photos and blueprints’ exhibitions with film screenings investigate the living theme.

Turin gets back to observe and think the city as the place of proximity, density, diversity and encounter with others.