A post- digital typography

A space of typographical endurance or alternatively a post-digital enclave for letterpress lovers is based in Via Brindisi 13 in Torino. The two definitions are not mutually exclusive because here, behind the rail station of Porta Susa, the movable-type printing technique meets social media to get known and files to survive hybridizing processes and solutions.

The letterpress printing was conceived by Gutenberg in 1455 and comes to the end of last century, when the fingers pressed on keyboards and desktop publishing softwares have begun to replace the action of men intent to compose layouts by placing letters in sequence to give voice to the page .

An activity that continues to happen here, in this workshop, which opens onto a bright courtyard. It is in the fingers stained with ink of the guys working and making special prints and posters in limited edition. As well as in the heavy presses that dot the room and emit the rhythmic thud with which characters are imprinted on the sheet. It is even in the hundreds of drawers full of very small letters where, like a box of wishes, to select the best font.